Meet Patti Wagner-Miller

Patti Wagner-MillerPatti Wagner-Miller is a skilled interior designer credentialed with a degree from Rhode Island School of Design and enriched with an array of experience. She works closely with her clients to understand their vision and guides them to achieve a design that incorporates harmony through balance, color and placement.

Patti’s former work as a bridal and evening gown designer has given her a remarkable understanding of pattern making, fabrics and colors which is beautifully apparent in her design of custom window treatments. She is a natural at selecting room colors to match the mood of the room and create a space that can excite or soothe.

Patti provides her clients with realistic renderings of her designs enabling them to envision the result before its completion. Her furnishing plans often showcase key elements that are of importance to her client such as a family heirloom or memento.

Using her diverse design abilities, Patti carefully blends her client’s taste and current furnishings to achieve a look that is updated and timeless. “I want my clients to love their home when I leave.”